Paparazzi GLOW Convention 2022 Notes

10 signature Zi models

MISTY stories
She locked herself out of the warehouse at night.
She tried to get Trents attention.
She felt invisible.
Related it to us.. we try and can feel invisible.

The theme is GLOW
Light is physical.. warm.. clarity.. peace...

Talked about her grandma who quilted.
She didn't do it out of creativity. She did it for industriousness. Giving. Sharing. Gifting.
Her ability to serve was ordinary with extraordinary love.

Ordinary people putting their mark on the world.

Pablo Picasso their friend in the Dominican.. he is an ordinary employee making an extraordinary impact.


Don't worry about perfection.. just TRY! Just DO!

Different backgrounds same purposes.

Be remarkable not be perfect.

The opposite of being invisible is glowing!

Focus on how far you have come not that you haven't made it yet

Ready Set GLOW!


New tool
Inventory invoicing payments shipping
Exommerce storefront
Integrated inventory management
Instant uploading
Customer invoicing and payments

Customers can shop our personal inventory

Paparazzi Premiere
Consolidate into one single app

App store coming soon PREMIERE

Proprietary cc swiper

Simplify your business
Focus on the relationships
Paparazzi debit card


Wilt Chamberlain
Free throws
Stared doing granny shot
He did it anyway because it worked for him

If it won't matter in five years don't give it five minutes of your time.

We survived and this room is full of dreamers.

Times of fear lead to the greatest moments of opportunity.

During the great depression it created the most millionaires in history

Our dreams and aspirations don't listen to the news!

You can do it!

You can accomplish anything you are willing to work for.

Never allow someone to dull your dream

Don't sweat the small stuff ... great advice from seasoned individuals

Our past doesn't define us but it can divide us.

Daises by Katy Perry... read the opening lines.

Have the faith.. fight hard.. make it happen.

Do the work!

Faith is hope in things not seen. My own dreams are my own preview... no one else can or has seen that. It is a personal vision.

If you don't want it to be a secret... go find other dreamers

Why can't it be ME!??

Greatest Showman... This is me... analogy

This world and our lives were created to do it together.

What can I bring to the table.

We are all good at something. No one is good at everything. It is a team effort. Get there together.

We don't need similar people... we need like-minded people.
They are not competition. Win together.

Leaders understand that differences are strengths. Including the leader.

All dreamers invited to join us and fight for their future. (Not just Paparazzi)

You are worthy of every dream you are willing to work for.

Fight Song

Don't allow the waves of negativity inside your boat. Boats don't sink because of the water and waves... only the ones that get inside can sink the boat.

Remember that YOU GOT THIS feeling.

I believe in you

Get knocked down then get back up get back up get back up.
It is preparing you for the reward.
You have to learn all the lessons along the way to get your reward and understand its value.

Your potential is unlimited

Walter Bond

Being likable is profitable

His mom... be sweet
His dad... go get it

Your family should be a training and development organization masking as a family.

Create some core values and model them.

Some kids have lost respect because you are a hypocrite

Give him to me... (someone who sees the good in you)

Coaches... recruit, develop, retain top talent

Focus on what's right with them.

Great coach
1. Build confidence

Speak to people based on who they can become.

You are just as smart as your brother and sister but your value system is screwed up.

Tell them the truth and set a new expectation

Do not violate fundamentals

If the teachers gives out As you know you can get one

Paparazzi is a platform

Why not you

He had to master the fundamentals of basketball then he could become an NBA player.

If your mind isn't right you can forget it

I had to convince myself first.

Succor fish connects to a shark.. look that up

Broke vs broke broke

Think like a coach. Be that shark. Your turn to help someone.

You will never reach your potential without a coach

Do you want to be a PRO? Pick one!
Pick Paparazzi as your main thing and not a side hustle.

Shark needs the succor fish
Succor fish ... keeps the shark clean and eats the parasitea

Are you coachable
Are you teachable

He is in the people business.. not basketball not motivational speaking not authoring

If you get your mind right... transformation is waiting for you

If you can't get anything else right.. get your MIND right!!!

Pay attention to the top producers in the one thing you decide to do.
Sharks go into a transe.
His wife needed him to go into a transe.
He watched all the top motivational speakers.

I can do what she can do

Whatever you are convinced of will become the life you're going to live.

Always be working on that next level

Always be calibrating

Like a tree.. nurture your business. Later on it will give back to you.

It is impossible to reach your potential without mastering the fundamentals

What are the fundamentals in our Paparazzi business?

At some point.. stop being the succor fish and become the shark!!!

If u want to be an expert read 2500 books on the topic... John Maxwell

Don't say "I'm good" and pass up an opportunity

A student is never greater than his teacher... be humble... say thank you

Be sweet
Go get em

Day 2

Showing the fall collection
The Covid Collection lolol
Sunset clothing with 5th Avenue jewelry
Tiny gems are rhinestones

Stick up on those BASICS
Teach about basics

September Fashion Fix is the BOMB!!!


Keep energy on LIVES
Sell in sets
Back office is in fashion fix categories
Learn the vocabulary
They created the FF to help us make more money
Diversity creates fun
Study the FF
Read the TIP CARDS


Radiate joy

Play dress up everyday

Look happy doing it

Everybody needs somebody
Often your spouse

You can work your business around your phases of life.

Work does not go away. Adjust!

Paparazzi perks...
Dream vacation
If you're not there yet watch those who are making it happen. If they failed.. why on earth are you watching them. Don't listen to them.
Stop painting your life after people who don't even enjoy theirs.
Ignore the people who can't get it together.

Success starts in your mind.

Life isn't all about you. Radiate joy. Radiate love.

You waste more than 3 minutes of your employer's time then you are stealing.
Are you stealing from YOU??
There is no way to get it back.
Don't squander that time.

We get to control our own work environment.
Because we are our own boss.

You want to improve your work ethic? SHOW UP

Be your best self everyday to help your self confidence.

Get up and get ready every single day.

All the people in your corner will be invisible to you until you believe in yourself.

You should have multiple streams of inc9me and some must be places where they can connect with you. We are in the people business.

........... celestial iridescence ? Multi necklace
New age nostalgia multi hoops
Kinda a big deal
Magical melodrama orange
See in a new starlight multi

Zi other 10 introduced

Eddie Pinero

In a world full of naysayers we dare you to light up the world.

Courage is there if you want it.

4 mental shifts to get from where you are to where you want to be


Give yourself permission
Leave the past behind you

Success is simple things done right repeatedly over and over

We outsource our greatest strength which is our control

We all have the ability to change who we are from this point forward

Quote something something more than you value yourself

Give yourself permission

Leave to past behind you

Decide what you will NO LONGER DO!!!

Do keep trying to acquire
What do you no longer need
What can you get rid of
What is holding you back

The cave you the fear holds the treasure you seek

Where in your life where are the ropes you need to cut (elephant tied analogy)

If that clown do it why can't I

Everything that can go right list vs. Everything that can go wrong

The second you begin something you are HALFWAY THERE!!!

Dancing before the music plays
The world is not a checklist

You are your own experiment

In the beginning the details just don't matter. As you DO you will evolve and you will learn SO much

Go before you're ready

Thinker vs. Doer

Raise your hand as high as you can.
Now raise it another half inch.

Look up Jordan Petersons staircase
You acclimate

The unknown is uncomfortable

John Maxwell headlight metaphor


You are stronger than you think you are
There is a win in every experience

You don't have to outrun the law... just outrun your friend!

Who operates at night and in the shadows... cowards.
Confront in broad daylight.

You are strong enough to face your problems head on

Where is the win in this

His challenge....
Give myself permission to find that win

If successful easy everybody would have it and it wouldn't be special

8 people

It doesn't happen to us it happens for us

Reach into your downline to recognize

Get your mind right and put in the work
Faith without works is dead

No excuses

Once you decide you want something bad enough you will fight for it

We all have challenges
We all have issues

Put your blinders on and go for it

Life begins outside your comfort zone

One day she woke up and decided to live. She had cancer and then depression

Pray hardest when it's hardest to pray

Push hardest when it's hardest to push

I.E. Score
Implementation and execution score

Help others believe bigger and recognize their dreams

Continue to work on yourself as you work on business goals.

We are hope dealers

God will allow your setback to set you up for your comeback

Decide today to never look back.

Put your head down and get to work

Don't get comfortable and don't forget people need this opportunity.

Purge and reset daily at night... so that you are lighter the next day. Clean slate every morning.

Do you know who you are? If you can believe in you then no one can stop you.

Being able to lift and train other people is priceless.

There is personal development within this business

Nobody else can do for you what you can and need to do for you. NOBODY.

Stop focusing on the number of viewers or the people you light be missing. Focus on those who need you. You are their escape and give them joy.

People have blocked off time for you. You are their FRIENDS on Thursday nights.

Don't look for all the answers from one person.

Just wing it if you have to... just don't stop moving forward.

D success.

Value people. Serve people.

Create an environment where you can share and celebrate yourself.

Retreat... celebration night.

Monica's day to day

Get up for new
Team bdays
Fb algorithm
Live every day but Friday and Sunday

Thursdays count bins put in baggies with index card totals
Put it all in a book.. list the invoices
Looks at totals... knows if she could have worked harder

Be C.U.T.E.

Trustworthy be honest

Give them a reason to get there
Build a community... that sells

Brooke's family motto... blessed to be a blessing

Spread hope
Let people know when you notice them

Maybe do a fundraiser for Jane

What if you think it is impossible...
Their advice...

Look them all in the eyes and tell them I believe in you. You are possible.

If you have jewelry in your room...
You are stepping over five dollar bills...
This is a gift... the instant income when you need it...
Don't overthink it. It's not that hard.
You will thank yourself...
If you are scared or alone... get into that team page. And when you are at your highest your team needs you...
All things are possible through Christ who straightens me.
You are worth it and you are 100% making a difference.
Open your mouth. Don't be scared...
Believe in your business...
Make a decision to show up everyday. It is all there for us to use to grow...
Nobody else can make you move your feet...
Failure is the process to growth...
Clap for yourself for where you're at so you can celebrate then move further...
Don't compare yourself... keep your blinders on...
If you change your mindset your life will change...
Having all of your dreams come true is your birthright...
You've got to be uncomfortable to grow...
God gives his greatest battles to his strongest soldiers...
Just like a hundred dollar bill gets used and wrinkled it does not lose its value. Just like our trials... we do not lose our value... I am possible...
Mirror talk every morning. I am success. I am worthy.
Make the impossible possible...
I am gonna pass her like she's standing still...
Go home and implement the things...
Be that person who people ask next year... how did you get here? (Ranks etc)
You have to want to do it...
We are all in your corner...
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